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The Futurism of Fashion

In order to stay connected to our generation and to thrive in the continuously growing fashion industry, you need to master the ability to travel back in time.

I'd love to breakdown the sudden newfound love and attention towards Y2K fashion in our generation and how we’ve combined newer fashionable and stylistic products with 90s fashion as a whole in order to create sustainable, unique products that don't eliminate historical looks, such as the recreation of flair pants from the 90s, which- unless you live under a rock- you would know to be a large trend in the fashion industry right now.

(Rihanna: Milan Fashion Show)

This style essentially has futuristic elements to it, through its ability to embrace traditional culture and imagery through fashionable products such as chunky sneakers and tote bags, while embracing the beauty of colorful clothing through fashionable materials such as beaded necklaces.

We can even see celebrities such as Niki Demar, and Rihanna, who are absolutely rocking the Y2K looks of 2022, continuously inspiring our younger generation of fashion gurus to create, make or sell their older clothes online through various apps such as Depop and Vinted, in order to acquire enough income to formulate their own personalized fashion style, and eventually purchasing products that relate directly to their individualism and cultural identity as a whole.

(Niki Demar: Instagram)

Another representation of the futurism of fashion as a whole would be the use of materialism in order to create sustainable growth in the creative direction in this industry. For example, with the increasing issue of climate change as we know it, the industry as a whole is leaning towards products that are inspiring change in our climate by dedicating products in the industry to promote change as a whole. For example, the Balenciaga 2022 Autumn Winter Collection, with the concept of models strolling down the runway in a blizzard, as the entire show is surrounded by a snow globe.

This is the future of fashion; the ability to reclaim your individualism through the process of seeking change and implicating these changes through your artistry, creative direction and physical appearance.


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