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GrilledUp: Making a Statement This Summer

When planning a summer look, jewellery plays a huge part. Anklets, chains and rigs are all coming out for the hot months but what else can be added to elevate your look?

After catching up with Croydon based Jeweller, Daniel, he ran me through how Grillz can be a statement piece for both day and night looks this season. His business ‘GrilledUpUk’ on Instagram specialises in custom pieces to achieve any desired look with no design being too much of an ask for both men and women. That’s right, this is unisex statement to help make your smile brighter.

Daniel began his journey in November 2021 and has been on the rise since. Although always creative, the inspiration to originally start making jewellery began when seeing someone in the industry feature on a Channel 4 show showing his business. From that moment, Daniel decided to leave his mechanic work and pursue jewellery full time. With the advantage of having gained mechanical skills, making the move to jewellery was smooth. “Vehicles are huge whereas jewellery is smaller and intricate. I like the beauty of it and It feels more fulfilling, the overall customer experience is nicer”.

When we spoke about his plans for the business, Daniel had great ambitions, something I liked to see as it felt genuine. He plans to expand and build ‘JewellerDan’, the business where he can be the go to man for jewellery needs i.e pendants, rings and more grillz. Being the UK’s number one jeweller for artists and celebrities is the end goal. Unique custom pieces is what he likes doing and he wants to “make everyone feel like a celebrity” with his one of a kind items.

One of his favourite pieces to date has been a butterfly piece for Capital Extra DJ, Henrie who gave him full reign to create something distinctive and special and she loved it.

Now working with upcoming Grillz Maker, Lance (nardo181_), the pair are only looking to expand and continue their journey in the jewellery industry. PWR acknowledges these two and their craft as something remarkable and their message to readers was “to add more colour! There is so much more that can be done with grillz or jewellery itself rather than the standard look you may see on a certain type of person”, they are also urging the ladies to step in to their office and get a custom piece done!

You heard it here first, with so many variations available and whether for a day or night look, grillz can elevate your look and entice those who see your smile.

Ready to book your appointment? Book on the ‘GrilledUpUk’ Instagram today.


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