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  • Saz Hammond

LFW AW23: On The Runway with The Creatives

As a fashion lover, I was incredibly excited to attend my first London Fashion Week hosted by The Creatives. The whole experience was more than just clothes, it was stories and art. The chance to hear designers talk passionately about what inspires them while showing just how drip sustainable fashion can be.


Bernadette Jani’s collection “The Child Inside” is made of recycled polyester from Leicester Factory. The unique handmade artwork was then printed onto the material. Symbolically there is a subtle hint that the future generation could live in a reality trapped in plastic.

Apparel by Mo

Medinah Odedina’s line showcased gorgeous Nigerian-inspired designs that focus on the beauty of the woman’s form. These bold and feminine designs bursting with colour were a huge crowd pleaser. A taste of Lagos high fashion right on the London Fashion Week runway.


Peggy Polydora’s head-turning line was an exciting display of futuristic glam. The crowd was incredibly impressed when she mentioned that she created the garments in just a week! The edgy and chic designs took baddie to a whole new level.


Cherise Trimingham’s versatile clothing line is everything luxury, style, and comfort. With celebrity clients such as Meek Mill, this modern twist on sportswear is a showstopper. The mix of neutrals combined with high quality material is something I can imagine myself wearing.

Archive Worldwide

The Lost Files collection by Archive Worldwide puts a stylish twist on wardrobe essentials. The pieces are easy to layer and can be styled up for an edgier look or styled down for a more casual look. What I also love is that the garments are gender neutral so they can be rocked by anyone.

Kaya Knitwear

Kaya Knitwear is vibrant pieces for vibrant people. This line is refreshingly different as Kaya incorporates contrast colors with geometric placing on each piece. An eye-catching and highly aesthetic appeal for the fashion-lover. Everything about it is a statement of elegance and desirability.

Written by: Saz Hammond


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