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Yes to women only gyms.

Me and gym have a love hate relationship. For me, gym is my escape from reality, just me and the weights. Throughout the pandemic, exercising has really helped me with my wellbeing and fitness in general. It did take a toll on me when gyms had to close due to Covid-19. As time went on I started going to the gym less and less, as a woman who suffers from anxiety I find myself struggling in environments that are heavily populated by men…especially the weights area. The gym I go to has a women-only section however I do find the machines they have available to be quite “sexist” if you know what I mean. But then having to do squats in front of a group of men that keep watching you isn’t any better either, right?

Natalee Barnett is a fitness influencer who has a vision to build a mega-sized gym in London only for women. She believes women deserve to go to the gym feeling safe and comfortable to reach their own goals. This is what we need, someone driving this agenda forward where it is recognised how women can get harassed at the gym and how gym is seen as a “male area”.

There are a handful of women-only gyms across the country, however they’re usually very small and with minimal/selective equipment. Natalee’s plan of a mega-sized gym will be equipped with ALL equipment in a larger space emphasising the equality needed in the world of fitness with men and women.

Would I go back to the gym? Possibly but only when I feel comfortable and safe in my environment again.


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