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Defying Fibroids: The Journey of Latoya Busumbru, a Women's Reproductive Health Advocate

Latoya Busumbru, a British Ghanaian & London resident, has faced a lack of gynaecological (reproductive) healthcare, resulting in delayed diagnosis and a lack of personal support.

This is the story of how she became a women’s reproductive health advocate by defying fibroids.

Latoya had been dealing with 20-plus years of abdominal pain. Rather than considering a diagnosis, the doctors sent her away with prescriptions for birth control pills and anti-inflammatory drugs for pain management. It was only after requesting a female doctor multiple times and crying helplessly in front of her general practitioner that she would be taken seriously and referred to a specialist. After a series of investigations, a healthcare professional discovered numerous fibroids in her uterus.

Aside from medical experts, she had no one to educate her on what it meant to battle fibroids. “It was a tough time. There was no source with a personal touch– no one who had experienced what I was going through.”

Leading up to surgery to remove the fibroids, Busumbru researched her newfound condition. Her intrigue, fascination, interest, and knowledge all grew, which guided her to continue learning; not just about fibroids, but also related conditions such as endometriosis, infertility, and more. She decided to share her newfound knowledge to create a support system for others in the hopes that female patients –regardless of race– will be taken more seriously when experiencing symptoms related to gynaecological related conditions.

Latoya founded WombBae in 2020 with the intention to encourage women to seek help and to support them on their journey to motherhood and womb health. Latoya hopes that through sharing her story, she might encourage other folk and let them know that they are not alone. “For years I felt alone in this battle, only to realise that there were other women going through the same pain and suffering.” Today, Latoya uses her platform to share tips on how to manage and live with gynaecological conditions, reminding her audience that they are entitled to a full, fun, and loving life, regardless of a medical diagnosis.

On Sunday 30th of July, WombBae is hosting 'Our Stories', an empowering event that aims to create a safe and inclusive space for women to share their experiences and educate one another about the importance of womb health. Regardless of whether you have a womb condition or not, this event welcomes all women who want to learn, connect, and support each other. WombBae promises a day filled with love, education, empowerment, and sisterhood, where attendees can come alone or with their friends, knowing they will leave with a renewed sense of community and knowledge. Join WombBae's 'Our Stories' event and be a part of a movement that celebrates and uplifts women's reproductive health.

Follow WombBae on Instagram: @WombBae

Written by: Rachel Beckmann


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