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  • Chelsea Abili

UA in UK AW24 Show - London Fashion Week

As part of the celebration of the 40th anniversary of LFW, and as a reminder of the second anniversary of the devastating war in Ukraine, the community of Ukrainians took it upon themselves to distribute a selection of brilliant collections crafted by renowned designers, including the Andreas Moskin collection as a means of obtaining pride in their homeland, and to support Ukrainian production despite the horrors of the war!

The UA in the UK Community was founded in 2022 and provides opportunities for those who aspire to work in modelling and fashion/beauty-related industries, presenting captivating ways of illustrating the creative portrayal of Ukrainian culture as a means of promotion and support.

I was excited to be personally invited to their event hosted on the 16th of February in central London, Stationers' Hall, where I had the pleasure of being welcomed with champagne served by their splendid staff, and was guided to my front-row seating. With incredible decor and impeccable service and hospitality, I was intrigued to witness the collections before the show had even begun - with Andreas Moskin striking me the most as their beautiful models graced the runway. 

Being a luxury menswear brand, I was fascinated with their incorporation of street style - having stuck to its design philosophy of appearing modern yet classic, and cutting-edge yet traditional. The brand's attraction revolves around its unique ability to adhere to the concept of staying contemporary with a timeless touch of classical attire, being fashionable yet everlasting with its ageless appeal and the contagious energy of the models on stage.

In a spectacular display of menswear products, we saw a versatile approach to the creation of a man's everyday wardrobe, with the seamless fusion of urban wear and classic attire, which not only showcased the brand's adaptability to contemporary society but also their innovative means of being a brand that caters to every man's stylistic choices and clothing desires, whether that be from timeless elegance to liberated streetwear.

Their suits were an embodiment of tailored perfection, showcasing a radiant approach on stage as the fabric choices exhibited silhouettes that were both commanding and refined to precision - accentuating an air of sophistication amid modern sensibility, while the brand's daring inclusive cropped shirts and waistcoats with diamond accessories introduced a subtle dip into femininity. 

With the brand's vision to become an international fuel of men's craftsmanship, I do not doubt that its journey will be marked as one that set the tone of admiration for contemporary menswear worldwide. 

Words by: Chelsea Abili

Imagery Credits: Sam Pritchard and UA in UK Catwalk Promotion


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