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Sabirah AW24 Collection 1.7, Glamorously Modest

Deborah Latouche, designer of Sabirah showcased her AW24 Collection, Glamorously Modest at the 40th anniversary of London Fashion Week. Collection 1.7 draws inspiration from Dominique Deveraux of the popular 80s TV show, Dynasty. Being the first Black actress to be casted to the show, her character was pivotal in the influence and courage of many black girls, one of which was Latouche. Deveraux’s character encouraged paving a way for oneself in a world determined to confine them, all while looking divine in doing so. Thus, the essence of this collection was modesty, sophistication, and allure. Several of the models were styled in chic metallic garments. Look 7, modelled by Kat Angelica, was especially captivating, with a gown made entirely from liquid gold Italian silk. This gown in particular was the epitome of decadence. 

Aaliyah Booker graced us with her violin playing in the background, expanding on the regal atmosphere at the exclusive event. Each stunning look was perfectly accessorised with ornaments, intricate eyewear, or pink feathered hats. The recruitment of an inclusive range of models encourages the participation of all women alike to indulge in luxury through this collection. In a time marked primarily by mesh and figure-accentuating pieces, Latouche has managed to reaffirm that less exposing options can create an equally glamorous effect on womenswear. 

Having reverted to Islam over a decade and a half ago, the designer discovered her niche, following her dismay at the minimal range of styles for those that wish not to compromise their dignity in engaging with fashion. 


The ambience was one of suave and class with several spectators lined either side of the catwalk, awaiting the highly anticipated collection, at the forefront was Deborah Latouche’s family for whom she leads a remarkable example. In her press release, the first topic raised was of her advocacy for Palestine amidst the middle Eastern conflict, it’s always bold to accept any one political view at the risk of invoking controversy but it’s clear to Latouche that’s there’s no debate to be had in human rights and she refuses to be complicit in a genocide. Her grace and support are not ephemeral as she rushed to her model’s side following a mishap on the runway and checked in with her family on her big day - she is most certainly a woman of compassion and consideration. 

Glamorously Modest exhibits phenomenal craftsmanship and the public can look forward to the official debut of these sumptuous garments later in the year.

Words by Sarah-Dayna Olusegun


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