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Money March, amongst other madness…

March was the month many of us dedicated to saving and making money. It’s no secret that with the start of the year always comes difficulty to start those resolutions and with many splurging on their other half in the month of February, March is where the real start to money making begins.

Amongst us being driven to make this year about money, it seems in general other things unfolded which had many eager to share their thoughts.

An obvious and tragic event that occurred was the death of Sarah Everard. The 33-year-old went missing in South London on the 3rd of March. 6 days later on the 9th of March, Metropolitan Police officer Wayne Couzens was arrested at first on suspicion for her kidnapping and later for her murder. Everard’s remains were found in Ashford, Kent on the 10th of March a week after her disappearance.

This tragedy sparked national anger and grief in women across the country. It was obvious that there was still a long way to go when it came to men learning not to bother women. This awful event forced women across the country to preach to men that we are not the same. They are able to walk alone and get home safely every night without disturbance, the same cannot be said for women. A taxi or Uber seems like the safest option, right? This has too been proven unsafe with women being harassed and disappearing after being seen getting in a cab. The only solution is for men to be educated and the heavily attended yet peaceful vigil held on March 13th for Sarah Everard was to show how urgent change is needed.

With regards to peaceful protests, many more held in the month of March ended up in chaos with there being force and violence used by the police in order to stop them in the name of breaching Covid-19 regulations. Let’s say the people did not let up.

As the month unravelled so did the secrets of Buckingham Palace. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sat with Oprah Winfrey to discuss their departure from the palace and their senior duties along with everything leading up to that moment. The incredibly anticipated interview aired in the US on March 7th with it covering headlines the next morning. Many of those headlines expressed the shocking news of there being concerns in the Royal Family of how dark Archie’s skin colour would be. Still so hard to believe.

The month of March was emotional in some ways. Not only with the shocking events that took place but also with the UK’s 1 year anniversary of being in lockdown taking place on the 23rd. It’s undoubted that many, if not all of us, long for a change in pace and mindset now. We can only hope April will bring joy.

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