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Is Youtube the new Gym?

Photo: Chloe Ting (

With the UK slowly starting to open up, some people are wanting to get themselves prepared for either going back to the gym or wanting to get their bodies without others around them. One way that people are preparing themselves is through YouTube workouts. There is an array of videos to choose from to enjoy from the comfort or your own home or garden. There are many to suit your needs and capabilities. If you don't know where to start, I have a few to recommend.

To start it off, there is the Chloe Ting Workouts. This is probably one of the most popular YouTube Workout Channels out there. Chloe Ting has over 304 videos to choose from, including workout plans if you want a structured program. Most of her videos are no longer than 15 minutes, perfect if you want a quick workout. Her programmed workouts such as her 2 Week Shred Challenge can be up to an hour if you want something more intense. I tried this one myself personally and it really gets you moving and sweating. There is also a Chloe Ting workout community to get involved with, if you want to join in.

Another YouTube workout channel that I have heard great things about is FitnessBlender. They have over 500+ videos to follow along with. Perfect for if you want a general workout, or if you have a type of workout you want to do, you can easily search their channel. Their videos cater for everyone, regardless of if you’re a beginner or gymnut. FitnessBlender has different programs to follow, from HIIT workouts to Pilates. There is something for everyone to enjoy with this channel.

Photo: The Fitness Blender (

The final workout channel I am recommending is different to the others, Yoga with Adrienne. Adrienne is well known in the Fitness world as her videos can be done by anyone, regardless of if you have been to a yoga class before. I'm not a flexible person but you don’t need to be, you can still enjoy her videos. Adrienne is a calming instructor; she helps you through the motions and creates a calm environment. There is no pressure to be perfect, just to do what your body can do. What I love most about her channel is that you always end her videos feeling calmer and less tense. If you’re looking for something gentler to get your body moving, Yoga with Adrienne is the way to go.

Photo: Adriene Mishler in her home studio. Photo illustration by Sarah Lawrence (

These are just a couple of YouTube workouts I would recommend. There are many more out there, for whatever level you’re looking for. Choose what you and your body love. Happy exercising!

By: Holly Proctor


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