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How to Live the Plastic Free Life

I’m guessing you have most likely heard of plastic free July. Plastic Free July is a global movement created to help to reduce our plastic consumption in order to help preserve our planet. Plastic free July is a time to find ways to reduce reuse and recycle our plastic uses or give up plastic entirely. Everyone can get involved in ways that are super easy and make a huge difference. Here are my top tips for going plastic free in July.

Get rid of single use plastics. Those plastic water bottles that you use, swap them for a sustainable metal or hard reusable bottle, you can fill it up wherever you go and no more waste. As well as this, get yourself a reusable coffee cup, most coffee shops offer you a discount if you come with one instead of taking a paper cup from them. Your plastic toothbrush, swap for a bamboo toothbrush, they last longer and don’t end up in landfill as they naturally decompose. Flimsy plastic cutlery whenever you eat out, can be swapped for reusable hard recycled plastic cutlery that comes in a little case so you can take it anywhere with you. These are easy to find in most stores so have a look and see what you find.

Invest in naked products. Plastic free products have risen in popularity over the past couple of years, from everything from shampoo bars to plastic free makeup. Plastic free products make life easier as there is no waste or fuss or get rid of their packaging. Swapping products for their naked counterparts couldn't be easier, many stores and brands are now incorporating naked products in their range, you can easily swap shampoo, soap, toothpaste, food wraps, make up, and even bubble bath.

Finally one way to help reduce your plastic consumption is to change your shopping habits. Instead of going for the packaged food, most supermarkets offer loose vegetables to be picked so you can bag as much or as little as you like, sometimes it works out cheaper too! And once you get to the till, swapping the plastic carrier bags for cotton or tote bags, saves a lot of plastic and when you think about it those pennies spent on those bags add up, so you’re saving money too. One last way is, if possible, shop in zero waste stores, you can get pasta, rice, sweets, peanut butter and even detergent from them, all you need to do is bring a container and fill them up to how much you want. No packaging and you’re in control of how much you take.

These are some really simple easy ways that we can help to get rid of plastic heading towards landfill and thus protecting our planet. Happy Plastic Free July!

Written By: Holly Proctor


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