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  • Chelsea Abili

Helen Kirkum AW24 Presentation - London Fashion Week

Having the opportunity to visit the Helen Kirkum Presentation for London Fashion Week was an eventful evening filled with creativity and innovation woven through inspiring designs and intricate pieces.

The avant-garde London-based sneaker brand is known for its extraordinary approach to design through its deconstructing nature of work to reveal its elaborate mechanism that portrays the brand's authenticity and values that revolve around transformation, existentialism and sustainability.

Their organic nature and ability to utilise sustainable materials and products are a means of uniqueness in itself, breaking traditional boundaries as, within society, recycling is only recently becoming a habitual lifestyle within contemporary practices. Helen Kirkum continues to embark on a journey of exploration and individualism as a trendsetter.

This brand, being distinctive due to its prevailing activism in relation to sustainability, has participated in pioneering the cultural shift in creating a coexisting nature between fashionable innovation through creative designs while advocating for sustainable improvements in modern-day society.

Helen Kirkum relishes in the thrill of revitalising and using what surrounds you as a means of creative challenge and resourcefulness - their collection offers an opportunity for conversation in the industry about breakthroughs and becoming trailblazers in the fashion scene.

Using the label, 'eco-warriors', this brand prides itself in its ability to showcase its brand beauty being revealed through mass sustainable materials, which was visible through the powerful presence that the collection held while viewing their presentation, as a means of illustrating progression and cultural transformation in the industry.

With the vision to create a carbon-free future and being driven by their unwavering commitment to lead environmental change in this community, there's no doubt that this brand is impressive in its resolute dedication to redefine the industry, and we're incredibly intrigued to watch the growth and continuous transformation of their brand in the near future.

Word by: Chelsea Abili

Imagery Credits: Sophie Leon


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