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Helen Anthony AW24 Collection - London Fashion Week

Presented by Naeem Anthony, Helen Anthony took the stage for the most intriguing collection of LFW AW24 that we had the pleasure of viewing this season - a must-see assembly of pieces that are a homage to the meticulous craftsmanship and creative tailoring techniques that Anthony has become so renowned for, yet never fails to inspire talent through his bold, vibrant palettes and unique colour tones woven in the midst of luxury fabrics.

Throughout the collection, rule-breaking moments are consistently intertwined with an expression of inclusion and gender diversity through fluid unisex pieces that enhance feelings of uniqueness, creativity and unfaded individuality, appearing luminous within every piece.

Helen Anthony relishes in its ability to showcase British style contemporary design and couture. As founder Naeem put it,

“Fashion reflects the nature of individualistic creativity.”

It is the intersection of heritage and modesty yet the breakage of stereotypical boundaries through bold expression and feminine integrity that stood out to me - with Anthony attempting to crystallise his culture through the striking individualism and continuous tribute towards his family through runway appearances and the name of the brand representing his great grandmother Helen.

Opulence fabrics such as satin, and mesh have been beautifully rendered into strong tailored silhouettes, from voluminous long coats to short cropped styles via flared trousers and oversized bags - it’s clear that Helen Anthony is distinctive due to its diversified stylistic qualities as a brand portrayed in these varied pieces throughout each of his collections. His grasp on current trends such as flared bottoms and oversized jackets showcases his ability to utilise present-day inspirations and tailor them to his idiosyncratic style and cultural representation.

Words by: Chelsea Abili

Imagery Credits: Chelsea Abili, Darren Brade


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