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Best books to read this month - May

The Midnight Library - Matt Haig

This book is one that received praise from every corner of the literary world, from the press, bestselling authors and even celebrities. All have been marvelling over Matt Haig’s new release. It is currently a No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller, so it is definitely worth the read. It follows Nora as she discovers the Midnight Library, a magical place, where she can make things right. She can choose herself a better life and if that doesn't work out, she can return to the library and choose another. But will she finally find one that makes her truly happy. This book really makes you contemplate choices, regrets and living life to the fullest. This book will definitely be joining my bookcase soon.

Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo

Now this is a title that has had a lot of buzz around it with it being adapted into a series by Netflix, which promises to ‘wow’ audiences. The series follows the original story of Shadow and Bone. This book is perfect for lovers of fantasy, magic and love triangles. The story follows Alina Starkov as she discovers she has the power to summon light and potentially rid the world of Ravka of the monstrous Volcra that plagues the boundaries of their land, but not everyone might want her to succeed. The adaptation has been praised for its incredible cast and special effects, so if you want to discover the full story before or even after watching the adaptation, this is the book to reach for.

The Road Trip - Beth O’ Leary

Following the success of The Flatshare and The Switch, Beth O’ Leary has done it again, releasing another heartfelt book that everyone can enjoy and relate to. Picture this, you are on the way to a friend’s wedding and someone crashes into your car. It’s your ex. Now you have to spend an 8 hour journey with them in a tiny mini with 3 other people, all the way to Scotland. That is what happened to Addie and Dylan.

The Road Trip journeys their relationship and breakup through snippets of the present moment, of the road trip, and flashbacks of their relationship to where it all went wrong. It is a funny, joyful and charmingly romantic tale. Perfect if you want something easy and fun to read whilst slightly cringy at the awkward moments. Definitely worth picking up next time you pass a bookshop.

By: Holly Proctor


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