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Valentine Viewings

Valentine’s day is approaching fast. Though, I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you, with the Valentine day themed products in every shop being more than enough to keep you posted on this seasonal event. Whether you’re already diving into the new winter season of Love Island with your other half, or still exploring your options on every dating app that’s known to man, (which is completely fine), there's a whole sea of entertainment online to keep you occupied during the one day a year that every single person secretly dreads to be alone.

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So, what is the main purpose of Valentine's Day? It’s to feel appreciated, respected and loved by your other half. Love, actually, can be associated with an intense feeling of deep affection. And if Valentine’s is all about giving or receiving love and affection, it can be pretty easy to associate that feeling of endearment towards a particular individual in whom you’re sharing a deeper interconnection with.

Though, whether you’re as single as a pringle, or blinded by your beautiful bond with your significant other, if you’re struggling to fill up the gap of things to do in such a pressurising day,

your Valentine day can be spent exploring your love for your favourite entertainment shows and discovering why they are so perfect to you specifically. With such a wide range of options to choose from, there’s so many different choices of amusement on television. If comedy tickles your fancy, why don’t you surprise your partner, or treat yourself, to a movie night filled with the most laughable rom-coms of all time, from My Big Fat Greek Wedding - which we all know and love, to a newer release like The Kissing Booth trilogy. Although, if Reality TV is more up your street, a dive into Love is Blind might be the perfect selection of series for you and your partner, as it’ll even leave room for an open discussion between you two on the qualities and preferences of a successful relationship, and what you both do/don’t value, if your connection is still fresh. It’ll provide an opportunity to consider elements of growth by breaking down topics that you may have been unaware of, never realised, or have ignored in the past.

Or, if you prefer to travel back in time, and build your fantasy romance in the midst of the regency era through old school, traditional love, a period piece like Bridgeton might be the better option for you and your partner - or you and the empty space next to you on your sofa….

However, if your aim as a couple is to spice things up on Valentine’s day, a dive into entertainment with more unrestrained affection such as 365 Days, which has recently released its sequel in 2022, could be a preferable viewing, as well as Elite, a Spanish drama series that has the entire UK on its toes with their remarkable costume design, character plots, and exhilarating storyline. A fan favourite series like Power might also strike your interest if you wish for you and your partner to recreate a Bonnie & Clyde vision for your night in.

If you haven’t discovered your one true valentine yet, you’ll probably find joy in knowing that every season of F.r.i.e.n.d.s is available for streaming on Netflix, and is currently no.10 worldwide for TV programmes today, with elements of both romance and comedy to keep you entertained during this time period. And, for more exhilarating, action packed shows, a jump into The Vampire Diaries, my personal favourite television programme, can be a consideration. With its ability to intertwine supernatural elements of animalistic abnormality, as well as still create room for realistic characterisation through intense familial collisions and romance, it’s not one to miss. A dive into the life of Kit Connor, and Joe Locke by feasting one’s eyes on Netflix’s newest masterpiece, Heartstopper, will leave you feeling extremely enlightened regarding the life of two young teenagers navigating life as homosexuals! It’s a great watch!

So, as you can see, there’s a wide variety of entertaining shows to explore head first, either by yourself, or with a partner this Valentine's Day. And I hope that this guide of exciting shows directs you towards your perfect movie night in with the love of your life.

Until next time…


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