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Unmissable Netflix Originals

Old or new, there are classics everyone must see at least once.

With the new year now in full swing and many having their resolutions in mind ready to tackle and stick to them this year, “old habits die hard” is a saying for a reason as there are things many of us still struggle to shake off.

Being a homebody is one of them.

Having unfortunately gotten used to being in the house for nearly 2 years has ensured we all get comfortable with and feel less guilty about staying in bed or on the sofa for hours watching shows all day. It became a norm and now as the world edges closer to normality by the day, we reminisce about the feeling of watching those shows for the first time and the feelings they gave us.

If unlike most, you have not been one to hop on trends and follow what everyone else is watching but are curious now, here are some unmissable Originals by Netflix that are worth your time.

‘Money Heist’

This is a favourite for many across the UK. There is something about each character that makes the show beyond enticing. If you enjoy a fast paced, full of action and stimulating drama, ‘Money Heist’ will not disappoint. The short seasons with hour-long episodes that have not a single minute of boredom make it hard to take a break from this series even if you have to be up early the next day. If you’re still wondering if it’s for you, the last season of ‘Money Heist’ aired in December 2021 meaning there will be no waiting around to find out what happens next making this a perfect binge worthy show.

‘Good Girls’

This one could deter half the population from watching due to its name but believe us when we say it is surprisingly gripping. With the three mums being relatable and funny, you find yourself on their side through all the criminal things as they are deep down, ‘good girls’ at heart. If that isn’t enough of an incentive to make you watch it, the mysterious ‘Rio’ might just do the job.


A hesitant watch for me personally however, once I started the series, I was hooked. No doubt the first season is a slow burner with weird, dark and violent turns but it's all worth it to carry on finding more about ‘Joe’, his past and his secrets. The twists that come with the show make it that much more exciting and end up making you sympathise with ‘Joe’ despite the darkness around him. ‘You’ is definitely one for those that like the element of uncertainty in a series.

Just because it’s the new year does not mean we have to drop leisure time. These Netflix Originals will make those participating in dry January feel the month fly by taking up your weekends indulging in these storylines.


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