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  • Maria Peneva

Travelling Anywhere Around the World with VR

VR (or virtual reality) is a computer technology that creates a simulated environment. People now are delivered a 360° experience. Instead of looking at the computer screen, they put on the OCULUS VR headset and people are immersed in a 3D world.

Now it is possible for people to travel thanks to VR and explore places all around the world. It is a movement in the tourism industry. Some of the most famous apps for this are: Wander, Gala 360 and 360 Stories. Going on these app, people can choose any location to visit and see what other countries are like without leaving the comfort of their couch. It is a great way to choose your next holiday destination.

Moreover, it is a great way to go see places that you know you will never visit. This is probably one of the best things VR could deliver to their customers. For example, EVEREST VR. It is highly unlikely that a person will climb Mount Everest because it needs a lot of preparation and it is a challenging experience. However, EVEREST VR takes you to Mount Everest and gives you the opportunity to explore the environment. The app also includes a preparation expedition at the basecamp.

Unfortunately, VR is not developed to the point where a person can use their senses such as smell, touch or the feeling of the breeze/sun (in other words the environment). Traveling with VR technology also doesn’t allow you to interact with people that are living in other countries and you don’t get to experience socializing in those environments.

However, we don’t know what the future holds. VR may develop to that point where we get the full dive experience. Nonetheless, there is no question about the possibilities that VR is delivering to their customers to travel all around the world at any time from their home. It is an experience soon to be developed and readily anticipated.


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