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Top 5 songs on my Spotify playlist + Why

Music is something that is so therapeutic to me and I am that type of person to have a playlist for every mood. I love to create a vibe with music and listen to and discover new artist as well as staying true to my original taste. Lots of new music has been released in 2021 and one thing that I appreciate about my top 5 songs right now is that they have not been overplayed through TikTok. I had chosen songs which are from all different genres but still fit within the Hip Hop/Rap category, I go between American and UK rap all depending on my mood; however, I will always go back to my true love which is Trap music.

Wockesha – Moneybagg Yo

Moneybagg Yo might have just dropped the hottest project so far in 2021, with many amazing features and styles. However, one of my personal favourites is Wockesha featuring a sample from Ashanti’s iconic song Foolish.

Back together – Toosi

There is something about the music that Toosi makes that just draws me in. This song, I would say is one for when you and your man are chilling and need some calming but good quality background music. I can listen to this song on repeat, the words, the beat, the lyrics. Chef’s kiss.

Streets – Shaybo

I personally think that Shaybo is the best female rapper in the UK right now, I love the way her personality shines through her music, her cheeky persona and her Nigerian lingo just makes her so different to a lot of other UK female artists.

Chanaynay – wewantwraiths

For sure one of the most slept on UK artists. This song is definitely worth a listen, wewantwraiths sound is just so different and it’s a very similar to a US sound; so, if you don’t like UK music and want to ease yourself in; wewantwraiths is for sure a go to artist to start with.

UNDER8ED – Pardison Fontaine

This is one of my go to feel good songs. I love the way that Pardison just appreciates a woman, the beat is so simple and the focus on the lyrics can make any girl feel as though she should know her worth and not depend on a man.

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