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This Is How You’re Going To Plan Your Next Party – Advice from DLT Brunch

Do you have a birthday coming up and you want people to be talking about it for centuries? It’s been made your responsibility to organise the staff party even though it’s not in your job description? Or you and your friends just want to be known as the best event planners in your city?

PWR spoke to the most prolific event organisers in the London scene to source the answers. Chris is a team coordinator at DLT Brunch who is responsible for coordinating moving parts, contacting different people, and enhancing relationships. We met on a Thursday in November where we at PWR were brimming with questions about the populated and exciting events industry and since then, all we’ve been able to think about is throwing a party. So here’s our fool-proof formula (that we stole from Chris).

Step One

Get your feet wet. To understand what constitutes a successful event, you gotta go to events, and the best part is, they don’t even have to be good. The best part about going to events, both good and bad is that you learn what to do and what not to do. Go to different events, be extremely inquisitive, ask questions, and be observant. Most of the time the very people who put the event together will be right there partying with you, so talk to people.

Step Two

Assemble your team. At DLT Brunch, everyone in the team has different interests and side hustles, and most of them have creative outlets. Definitely network and definitely reach out to people from diverse backgrounds. The most innovative teams are filled with people doing different things in their spare time, who can bring a different perspective to the table.

Step Three

Create a group chat, multiple, with regular check-ins. Chris is a participant of several different group chats, and is aware of a good few he is not a part of, also. Have a group chat for licensing and permissions, have one for venue maintenance, one for communications. Though there are many group chats working behind the scenes of DLT Brunch, everyone’s connected, everyone talks every single day and everyone is always up to date.

Golden Nugget

A good event starts with a ritual. Musicians have them before they jump onstage at Madison Square Garden, artists have them before the opening of their exhibitions, actors have them before the opening act on a Broadway show - and a party is no different. At the end of the day, putting on a party is like putting on a show where the audience is a part of the performance. And whether it’s a prayer circle like our friends at DLT Brunch do, or it involves a bottle opener like Harvey and Donna, you’re going to want to kick off the show with a backstage ritual.

So, if you’re interested in event planning, go for it. You never know - you could be the next DLT Brunch!

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Words by: Kyra Latinwo


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