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Robyn Rihanna Fenty - a Billionaire.

That’s got a nice ring to it right?

This 33-year-old has been in the public eye since 2003 and now 18 years later she has reached an epitome of wealth. The list of billionaires seems to grow daily and a new addition to the list was made on the 4th of August 2021 - Rihanna.


According to Forbes she is now worth $1.7 billion, and her music is what many, if not all of us, fell in love with. From ‘Pon de Replay’ to ‘Umbrella’, ‘Rude Boy’ to ‘S&M’ and ‘Diamonds’ to ‘Work', all these songs and more are embedded in our memory, staples in some playlists and go to’s for some moods. Her music is undeniably enticing, and no one could predict ‘ANTI’ to be the last time we heard her voice. 5 years on and Rihanna has still not dropped a single or a hint of music, but we have been gifted with her other talents.

Over the past 5 years Rihanna has changed the beauty industry for the better by showing massive makeup companies that ‘ebony’ isn't in fact the only dark concealer or foundation shade to exist. She has also made us obsessed with the ‘Fenty glow’ gloss bomb and to this day we’re still begging for a bigger size because we - sorry correction, ‘I’ can’t get enough.

However, her presence in the beauty industry doesn’t stop there as she has also released a skin care line many adore.

As many of us remember, Miss Robyn also kicked the infamous ‘Victoria’s Secret’ out of the game by becoming the most sought-after lingerie brand since proving there is no such thing as one perfect body standard when it comes to fashion shows.

These are only some of all her ventures that got her to where she is today and needless to say the reaction to her becoming a billionaire was nothing short of what we expected. Most were happy but some said otherwise.

Twitter users, @jonikaaaaaa, @maarkcous, @ekomikaze and @_shesundefined expressed their thoughts on the app.

‘Wow Rihanna is a billionaire, I’m so happy. I love that woman and she deserves it. She works so hard and to see a black caribbean woman be this successful is amazing’

‘Rihanna: a SELF MADE billionaire’

‘Rihanna being a billionaire is so inspiring. She did that. By her DAMN self.’

‘I love Rihanna just as much as the next person, but NO ONE should be a billionaire.’

No doubt many are commenting on how this kind of wealth shouldn’t be for a singular person but instead distributed in ways to help those less fortunate. What do you think? Share your thoughts below.


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