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Kye Whyte - Silver Medalist Olympian

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics now ended, Team GB can take a fully deserved break from their incredible summer of events, especially one Silver medallist olympian, Pechkam’s own Kye Whyte. Kye Whyte made history alongside his teammate in Tokyo in bringing home olympic medals in BMX racing, a first for Team GB.


Coming from a BMX racing legacy, it is not surprising that Kye has been so successful in his career. Beginning his cycling days at age 4, his passion for cycling was evident from his talent emerging early and getting him attention from those in the BMX racing world. Kye’s talent escalated rapidly with him making it to the national selection and then going on to win multiple medals in his sport. These medals and celebrations were just preparation for what Kye would experience in Tokyo this summer.


With the world’s attention focused on the world’s top athletes, the pressure was on to make the country and yourself proud. Kye was determined to bring home an olympic medal for Great Britain. It shocks no one that he achieved his victory in the games, knowing his past success. His talent is one that is inspiring a new generation of young riders and potential future olympic medal winners.


Written by: Holly Proctor

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