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  • Chelsea Abili

Justin Cassin AW24 Collection - London Fashion Week

Justin Cassin is a multi-functional luxury menswear brand, created by the Australian self-titled designer, with the brand portraying contemporary and stylish collections with high-quality craftsmanship and intricate tailoring techniques that illustrate a combination of modern-day wear and traditional class.

The founder and Creative Director states below,

"I strive to promote personal style and confidence. Stay true to yourself, but always push the boundaries. It’s important to break away from tradition. It’s important to have fun. I don’t want to be just another fashion designer. I want people to notice my designs but more importantly, notice the person wearing them."

With over 100 guests present in the Shoreditch Town Hall on the 20th of February, the atmosphere was buzzing with excitement to witness the new AW24 collection by the renowned brand, and with the continuous growth of their social media platform daily, the anticipation to view their pieces in the flesh was prominent.

With the brand announcing its partnership with the charity Save The Children, it's clear that its priorities lie with supporting the local communities and using its platform as a means for positive change.

Once arriving at the venue, I was swooped away by the fantastic service and great reception, as well as the friendliness of guests as we awaited the show to start. The brand's fusion of classic pieces through elegant fashion revealed in woolly timeless jumpers and neutral tonality through their simplistic colour palette was intriguing, to say the least, with the fast pace of the show leading to a frantic performance with various models appearing from different exists. 

The choice of Eminem's iconic song 'Lose Yourself' as the backing track during the runway was undeniably unique and added a layer of intensity and strength to the powerful pieces being showcased. The emotional lyrics illustrated authenticity and raw energy which was easily reflected through the beauty of the pieces, which evoked powerful emotions of dignity, and a sense of prevailing from adversity. 

Though, occasionally the sound felt overbearing and potentially removed the focus from the featured designs at hand. But overall, the classic use of oversized coats, with unique visual colour distinctions through dark and lighter tones were eye-catching, creating a standout appeal to me, and being incredibly noteworthy. 

In conclusion, immersing myself in the world of Justin Cassin has been nothing short of a sensory journey. From their intricately tailored garments to the viewing of their contemporary classical pieces - it was a night to remember. The Justin Cassin show not only enhanced my interest in men's luxury modern wear but spiked my fascination regarding the fusion of traditional wear and modernistic present-day looks, leaving me with a renowned sense of excitement for their future collections. 

Word by: Chelsea Abili

Imagery Credits: Chelsea Abili


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