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  • Chelsea Abili

Jasive Fernandez AW24 Collection - London Fashion Week

JASIVE showcased their AW24 collection, 'Perfume', at London Fashion Week, and having the pleasure of attending, I was able to witness their incredibly crafted designs for the first time and was drawn into their craftmanship having layers of modesty and integrity, while staying true to the brand's signature appeal of extravagant attire that almost represents a collision of romance and striking sartorial styles.

With the colour palette representing the concepts of love, passion, alluring devotion and a powerful presence, the designs continued to be a lingering thought in my memory well after the show had ended.

What distinguishes this collection from my other runway viewings revolves around the realism of sophistication, and the brand's attention to detail.

Their garments are a representation of unique materials underpinning a form of aesthetic enhancement through the use of delicate flowers as an attachment to femininity, with artistic expression being illustrated through distinctive accessories and overlaying silk material.

The musical tonality of sound soothingly playing in the background as the models graced the runway had a profound effect on the atmospheric nature of the event, creating a neutral ambience presence that allows a conventional breakthrough of traditional values as the audience is immersed into the serenity of power and strength.

The collection enhanced a reminisce of cultural heritage and Mexican tradition woven through the exquisite use of fabric materials that transcend elements of harmonious influences that tap into rich diversified cultures. The unique blend of cultural authenticity and geographical opulence highlights the brand's USP and signature industry appeal.

My enjoyment of this show was heightened by the brand's values and distinct use of cultural heritage to showcase talent through an impeccable use of tailoring and colour palettes to take their audience on a journey through time, creating almost a Victorian appeal with tradition and cultural richness.

Thank you Jasive Fernandez for your cultural multiplicity and memorable creative expression that seized the show, enhancing the beauty of classic attire and heritage fashion through vintage garments, and we eagerly anticipate observing the adaptation and evolution of your brand's identity.

Words By: Chelsea Abili

Imagery Credits: Chelsea Abili, Jasive Fernandez


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