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In Conversation with Taymah Hendi

Growing up in South London, Taymah Hendi began her journey writing her first song with her father at the tiny age of 3. She gained her influence as a youth from where she grew up, her local choir, RnB, Grime and Hip Hop music along with Reggae vinyls her parents played in their home. She began writing songs and grime lyrics once she entered secondary school and joined creative community programmes and recording studios. Her work is eclectic, a breath of fresh air soothing listeners ears with her unique Hip Hop and RnB styles with Jazz, Blues and Reggae foundations. Taymah Hendi's wave is flowing with monthly Spotify releases from January 2022 starting with 'Warring Me', so sit back, fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride as we interview her on her music career, her journey and celebrating her successes.

(Photo: Adewunmi Ajao)

PWR: Tell us about yourself.

TH: I would say that I am a passionate, compassionate fiery creative. Who is funny, fun-loving, real and honest. I’m a dreamer that is driven and extremely focussed when I have a mission to execute. I am confident in both my skin and my thought process and always walk in my purpose. I love my circle of people and I am the type to go all out for the ones I love.

PWR: How would you describe your style of music?

TH: My music style is RnB fusion and how I define that is whether I am mixing my sound with a little Afro-pop, Drill, Hip hop or House music it will always have a RnB essence.

The vibe of my music will either be controversial, sensual, relatable or fun. I can rap too.

PWR: How did you start your music journey?

TH: I Grew up in south London, Brixton. I began my musical career when I wrote my first song at the age of three with my Dad, it was a classic called ‘rubbish’ lol.

My influences came from frequenting local record shops in my area, where my dad would buy me the latest RnB albums. My dad also gifted me old skool music CD’s like Billie holiday, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald and Anita Baker.

As well as drawing inspiration from my local church choir which my mother would take me to as she also sung in the choir . On Sundays they would play reggae vinyl’s whilst cooking dinner.

(Photo: Adewunmi Ajao)

I was a serious playground battle rapper and my popularity started to grow from the clashes I used to do at school, I would write all of my own grime lyrics and annihilate anyone that attempted to challenge me! Lol I would also go back to back with other MC’s.

I spent time at a musical development programme called Raw Materials in Brixton, which has recording studios with a musical programme attached and it was here that I started to fine tune my skills as an artist. I worked with producers like Jax Jones there. I went onto work with Carns Hill and I became the ‘Hook Queen’ for notable acts such as Blade Brown, Youngs Teflon, and Yungen. It was whilst working with Carns Hill that we created my first mixtape “Love and Lies,” which was nominated for an Underground Music Award.

After working with a number of engineers and producers I finally decided in 2020 to take my musical career seriously. It was in that year I independently released my first single ‘Baby’. Shortly after I was introduced to TC Records Global by a friend. They worked to develop me as an artist and were dedicated to my growth and it changed things for me. Our weekly recording sessions at Speakworld studios opened up new levels of creativity and hunger for me.

PWR: Who are your main influences and why?

TH: Wow the list is long as I am such a music lover, but I would say; Brandy, Lauryn Hill, Billie Holiday and Lalah Hathaway for their vocal techniques.

Erykah Badu for her relatable style, SZA for her clever writing styles as well as rappers Nas and Missy Elliot for their shear substance.

And I can’t forget Doja Cat her feisty and fiery attitude!

PWR: What has been the biggest highlight of your career so far?

TH: My biggest highlight to date is performing at my first festival, The Windrush Festival and meeting and networking with some major acts backstage at the City Splash 2022. I would also have to say meeting Tyronne Campbell of TC Records Global, as he believed in my vision!

(Photo: Adewunmi Ajao)

PWR: How do you celebrate your good times?

TH: That’s easy, I celebrate by partying with my circle of friends, it’s important for me as it allows me to let my hair down and just enjoy living when things start to become a bit hectic plus and I love dancing. You also can’t beat a bit of retail therapy too *wink.

PWR: What else can we expect from you this year?

TH: You can expect great music this year as I am about to drop something very special! I feel like it’s a fire track! It’s a R ‘n’ Drill track called ‘where I’m From’ which I think will most definitely connect to the people.

Follow Taymah Hendi’s journey and keep up to date with her music on:

Spotify: Taymah Hendi

Instagram: @taymah_hendi

TikTok: @bighendi


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