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In Conversation with Simraanmusic

Simraan who goes by Simraanmusic is a Southampton born, London based singer who strives to bring her style and aura through her music. A lover of all thing hip-hop and R&B, she loves to bring her authentic self, her background and culture into her love for music. In this new year, she aims to develop her music more and branch out of her comfort zone, by working with artists and exploring new sounds.

PWR: Describe yourself in 3 words Simraanmusic: Independent, Open-minded, Contagious

PWR: What website or app could you not do without?

Simraanmusic: I don’t like being on my phone if I’m honest! But I would have to say Apple Music or Spotify, most likely Spotify if I have to say!

PWR: What is your style of music

Simraanmusic: So my style of music is more laid back, chilled, R&B vibes, music that you want to get lost in. I am changing my genre with my producer, to be a bit more in the hip-hop range and to try something new. I feel like both genre’s suit me and I enjoy making music for both. But overall, I would say alternative hip-hop and R&B.

PWR: Who are your musical influences? Simraanmusic: Literally anything! So, I could be listening to an artist that I don’t usually listen to and I just hear a lyric and get super inspired, instantly jot it down in my notes. I could be listening to a friend freestyle, if I hear something, I can jot it down in my notes and record it on my phone. I listen to a lot of wrap. Kodak, Lil Baby and I take inspiration not from their melodies but more from the lyrics.

PWR: Have you tried to implement your culture into your music? If so, how? Simraanmusic: My first release last year was called ‘Don’t Call Me’ and my second release was a remix, with an OG Indian producer who jumped on the track. I always want to keep it local to where I’m from and for people from my country to know that I’m still representing them. It’s not that I want to do English all the time, but I also represent where I’m from. Just so it’s relatable for all Asian people and not just Indian people also, as Punjabi and Hindi have a lot of countries that adopt that language, so I can relate to a lot of people.

PWR: If you could work with an artist, living or passed, who would it be? Simraanmusic: Living I would say Kodak Black, Lil Baby, A Boogie, D-Block Europe, all these cool hip-hop artists!

PWR: What do you attribute your success to? Simraaanmusic: I would say my team. For me I am very fortunate in having a manger who is very driven. She is very helpful, motivating and inspiring so I feel like that helps me. My producer same way, he is very motivating and pushes me to be better. For example, doing my music video I got a lot of great feedback for my first video which really set me apart. You are taking your music and career to the next level, investing money and your time into your work. It’s not easy doing a video, especially for the one I did- it had a lot of people, time and effort that went into it, which shows that my team contributes to my success.

PWR: What are you currently working on for your music? Simraanmusic: I’m currently working on my EP. I want to work with different artists. I was prone to moving away from artists when they would ask me to feature, however I did a feature not too long ago with one of my friends who is a very talented musician, and I really enjoyed the experience, which made me want to work more with other artists. Prior to that, I just wanted to develop my sound and I think that does develop you as an artist, you develop your own style and your own skills.

PWR: What can we expect to come in 2022 from Simraanmusic?

Simraanmusic: This year, expect to see new music, videos within the year and singles. I’m dropping singles like every other month. Hopefully some shows too!

PWR: What’s your greatest passion outside work? Simraanmusic: Genuinely, its improving myself. I read self-improvement books, I like to work out, I like to find out new things about myself. I still think I’m quite young, I’m turning 25 in March, but I’m still developing, growing and finding out stuff. I also want to be doing it in a positive way and anything I do I want it to be successful for me. Not even for my career but for example, if I’m going to the gym, I’m being successful in terms of my body because I’m losing weight or I’m being healthy or staying in shape. If I’m reading books, I’m healthy in my mind, I’m bettering my thought process and my mindset. So, my passion is being a better me really!

Interview by: Efe Koomson


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