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In conversation with DJ Emz

If you asked me to name a top tier UK female DJ, my mind automatically thinks of the beautiful DJ Emz. Her talents have not gone unnoticed as she continues to take over the scene by becoming Ivorian Doll’s official DJ aa well as having her own show on Westside Radio. She is also currently building a platform called Female Takeover on Instagram for female artists to thrive and gain more support. Emz can also be recognised from her popular mixes on TikTok, with almost a million likes on her page. True DJ excellence!

PWR had a chance to speak with DJ Emz to talk about her year so far and her future endeavours.

PWR: What inspired you to become a DJ?

DJEMZ: My love for music was and still is my number one inspiration for Djing. When my friend wanted to become a DJ I was there throughout the whole process and that's when it clicked that all I needed to do was get my own equipment. From there the rest is history.

PWR: How was it getting the opportunity to become Ivorian Dolls official DJ?

DJEMZ: It was literally a dream come true. I had always wanted to DJ for her, so the day she reached out to me I couldn’t believe it. I contacted my manager and we made sure we got to work asap.

PWR: Who are your top 3 inspirations in music?

DJEMZ: Naming 3 is difficult and there are so many people that inspire me. Top 3 I would say DJ Teeshow, Snoochie Shy and Ivorian Doll.

PWR: Where is your dream place to play a DJ set?

DJEMZ: My dream set would be to play at Coachella, Rolling loud or the Brits.

PWR: What genre of music is your favourite to play?

DJEMZ: My favourite genre changes monthly, for example I normally get booked to play Dancehall but at the moment I’ve been really feeling afro beats and keeping updated with all the new songs that are coming out at the moment.

PWR: Where do you see your career in 5 years time?

DJEMZ: I hope and pray that my career is making me 6 figures, enough for me to settle down and make investments. I would also love to be at a point where when anyone talks about female DJs in London I’m top of that list. That would be my ultimate goal.

PWR: What are your top highlights so far this year?

DJEMZ: I think so far my highlights have been DJing at Kehlani’s UK listening party and also performing alongside IVD at the NSG London show back in March. I'm very excited for what the rest of the year has in store for me.

PWR: What can we expect from you this summer?

DJEMZ: This summer I’m going to be super busy. I have so many bookings already lined up, IVD has 11 shows all abroad this summer, which is really exciting and hopefully some really sick brand partnerships and collaborations that we are working on that should be ready by summer 2022.

It’s fair to say Dj Emz has an eventful year to come and many more after that. The super talented young woman is going to be booked and busy, so if you want to find out where she is going to be, follow her on Instagram, @Dj_emz. In the words of Emz, what man can do, gyal affi do better!

Interview by: Nisha Landa


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