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  • Melanie Vieira

From carnival to quiet days on a hidden island: The best 2022 summer break destinations

As the weather gets hotter and the days get longer it can only mean one thing… the beginning of the summer season! The long-awaited summer is vastly approaching us and the countdown for summer break commences. From relaxing paradise holidays to lively island music festivals, these are the best summer break destinations you have to visit.

1. Pamukkale, Turkey

If you’re in love with the crystal white glacial scenery found in the Arctic but dread the freezing cold weather, then Pamukkale is the place for you! Although it may look like an icy cold destination at first glance it is far from that. Its white scenery is actually just a beautiful white coloured rock surrounded by rich mineral thermal waters. Found in the southern west of Turkey, Pamukkale, also known as “cotton castle”, is the perfect destination to enjoy the relaxing thermal spring waters with beautiful views and hot weather.

2. Ishigaki Island, Japan

This beautiful tropical island located in Southwest Okinawa, Japan makes the perfect summer destination for a peaceful getaway. This island is one of the worlds many hidden gems that often gets overlooked. So, if you’re tired of the cliché tropical island vacation spot that everyone visits, then why not try the Ishigaki Island. Known for its Shiraho Reef’s rare blue coral-coloured waters, and pure white sand, the island makes the perfect vacation for someone looking to layback and unwind. However, the island is also known to provide a range of aquatic adventures from, snorkelling to diving to surfing, just to name a few; this island brings both adventure and relaxation all in one.

3. Puglia, Italy

Puglia also known as Apulia combines the ancient historical architecture of Italy, surrounded by the calming waters of the Adriatic and Ionian Sea. This vacation spot is the perfect place for those who love both an island beachy holiday as well as strolling through an ancient city absorbing its breath-taking historic architecture. With the city filled with elegant white buildings contrasting with the crystal blue seas of its beaches; it definitely is a go to summer vacation spot for those who cant decide on a beach holiday or a city getaway.

4. San Andres, Colombia

Finally on the list we have San Andres, an Island in the Caribbean region belonging to Colombia. San Andres is one of those places where no picture can ever do justice on how beautiful it really is. It has been said that its tropical waters encompass 7 shades of clear blue which you can see straight through. However, San Andres is more than just a tropical island in the Caribbean, it is known for having the most extravagant carnivals and music festivals during the spring and summer time. One of its biggest music festivals called the Green Moon Festival, pays tribute to the islands Afro-Caribbean and Latin roots through music, dance and amazing food; experience the culture like no other through its summer festivals and carnivals on a beautiful tropical island.

And there you go! PWR’s most recommended vacation destinations for this upcoming summer. No matter what your ideal summer vacation spot may look like we have you covered!


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