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Freshers Survival Guide

University is a big step, more than likely it will be the first time living away from family and the big leap into independent living. It’s not a surprise to say that starting university, especially with Freshers Week, is a shock to the system. It's a whole new world you have to manage. It takes some time to get into the swing of things and figure out what works best for you. There are so many things you learn during your Fresher’s year that you carry with you into life. But for now here are a few tips for surviving your Freshers.


This is probably the one that most Freshers will be tripped up by (I know I was). You’re suddenly given money from your student loan and of course you want to spend it but here’s the thing: that money HAS to last you until your next payment. Having a budget and being conscious of your spending will have a lasting effect on your student experience as you will know how much you can afford, and not spend extravagant amounts on things and then have to survive on £5 a week for a month because you spent all your money.

A budget helps prepare you for the future and helps your financial stability, so don't forget about making one, it'll help in the long run I promise.


Now this is going to be essential in your freshers week. I'm sure you have heard of the dreaded Freshers Flu. Yup, it's a thing, everyone I know, including myself, had it. It's bound to happen with a huge amount of people in one place constantly busy, not resting as much as they should and going out more than they are used to, and in a lot of cases drinking alcohol as well.

Let me tell you it catches up with you and everyone else. So keep some cold/flu medicine handy and some berocca to get you back on your feet. This plus some well needed rest and some soup will have you back to normal in no time.


This is essential. You will have so many plans and assignments you will need some way to remember everything. A Calendar no matter what form you have it in, whether it's a paper or an online calendar you can always access, will be vital. In your freshers year you are given a lot of work to complete, lectures and seminars to attend, clubs you potentially want to join and plans you will make with friends.

It is very easy to forget about things when you have a lot going on, a calendar lets you put down every date you need to remember so you don't forget. No missed assignments because you forgot the deadline, no missed calls from friends asking where you are when you forgot you made plans. A calendar makes sure you don't miss any important dates, saving any future stress for later in the year.

Written by: Holly Proctor


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