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Free exhibition in London - The Marble Arch Mound

I don’t know about you, but I feel as though every time I am going out in London I end up spending an arm and a leg. Well, it’s as though Westminster City Council heard my prayers because they have an exhibition for FREE – and I mean when do we ever get anything for free in London?

The Marble Arch Mound is a 22.5-metre-high mound situated in Marble Arch and is a temporary installation open to visitors until 9 January 2022. At the top of the mound (once you’ve recovered from nearly popping a lung climbing those stairs) you can see a view…which was slightly disappointing in my opinion.

However, once you climb down inside the mound you get to see the star of the show, the light exhibition by W1 Curate called Lightfield. You get to walk around dark rooms which are filled with specialised 3D glass structures and LED lights, the cool part is that it has an interactive element which allows the light to follow you as you walk through the exhibition.

So why not grab your free tickets now here, it’s something you definitely don’t want to miss:

And the money you save from going to an exhibition that is free can just be spent on food!


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