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Entrepreneurship: Introducing George Osei Oppong Junior

George Osei Oppong Junior is an entrepreneur, writer, and public speaker based in London, United Kingdom. Arguably most well-known for his work as a CEO for Host Help, it is clear that his early love for technology, gadgets, and problem-solving was an inspiration for the things to come.

After having attended John Ruskin for college, George became an apprentice working at the likes of Sainsburys Head Office as an IT Analyst, Nationwide as part of VIP support team & IBM as a Service Desk lead. This, as it would become clear, would be the stepping stone that would allow George to flourish in the business world.

As an entrepreneur, George has made many conquests, with the first being at the early age of twenty years old along with a private banking facility. Success isn’t a straightforward path, which George knew of well. Through that first business venture, George admits, he made a lot of mistakes, a fact in which he feels his accountants would agree with.

In 2017, George prioritized himself as an entrepreneur when he began investing in some website businesses and mobile apps where he began to really study the game. Investing, after all, was his original interest before business. Since then, he has learned many things about the business and investing world, which can be seen through his success. Now, HostHelp has partnerships with three government bodies across the UK and Scotland.

Now, at only 28 years old, George also holds the title of CEO for three additional businesses such as UK Financier, The NFT Corp, and GalaxyWebDesign– all of which, amongst other projects, are meant to support business growth in the United Kingdom. In his life outside of entrepreneurship, he is a successful author, including his novel titled Rules For Growth. George also holds a podcast album titled Most Influential, which is available on Spotify and other major platforms.

You can follow George Osei Oppong Junior’s journey in Entrepreneurship here on Instagram, or view his works here.


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