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Crocheting - How I got hooked.

I got hooked on crocheting, see what I did there?

So like everyone else during the pandemic I was venturing out trying to find a hobby. I went through phases of following beginner painting tutorials to doing embroidery. Then I came across people making really fashionable clothing items using crochet and even cute plushies. So of course me being myself, I jumped straight onto Hobbycraft and ordered myself yarn balls and then flew to Amazon and ordered myself a crotchet kit.

The journey had begun.

I instantly found myself spending hours on YouTube going through numerous tutorials that were apparently beginner friendly, some more than others.

Bella Coco is a YouTuber that I personally found the easiest to follow, she even has a playlist of all the stitches you need to know, one if you’re left handed and one if you’re right handed. I liked the inclusivity.

I do admit I struggled in the beginning when I was learning my stitches but as cheesy as it sounds, practice really does make perfect. I’d personally recommend starting with a thicker ball of yarn as the thin ones can be quite fiddly to begin with, so something around 6mm will be perfect!

The best advice I can give anyone who wants to start crocheting is simply to keep persevering! At the start your stitches will be loose, different shapes and sizes but I can assure you if you keep trying, they will get better. Just think about all the cute stuffed toys you can make!


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