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Wireless: Bringing festivals back with a Bang

The excitement of a music festival is one that many people are well attuned to, whether it's a local musical festival or one of the big summer events. You are guaranteed a good time. With a huge number of artists to enjoy with the beautiful British summer to bask in. It is an event you plan, long before your feet touch the grassy lengths of the venue. We can thankfully say that this year is no different. Wireless festival is returning this year, taking place on the 10th-12th of September in Crystal Palace Park.

Although this year's Wireless festival might have a few changes such as venue and time of year, moving from July to September due to COVID restrictions. The festival will no longer take place in its previous home of Finsbury Park in North East London but in Crystal Palace Park. The organisers have promised that the festival will be one to remember. Wireless has previously featured many big name artists to play the festival such as Rihanna, Jay Z and Stormzy. It would be expected that the line up for this year’s festival will also be one not to miss.

For many, Wireless festival will be the first major event they will attend for the past two years, so it will certainly be a massive event. Many are looking forward to revelling in the chance to enjoy music, company and normalcy. At the current moment the line up is under wraps but it is sure to be jam packed with artists, all ready to give the audience a full show and a good time. After all that's what a music festival is all about isn't it? The organisers have ensured that there are safety measures in place, to make sure that the festival can go smoothly for all wishing to attend. So, with festivals coming back into the fold, will you be buying a ticket?

By: Holly Proctor


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