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Best books to read this month - June

Summer is nearly here, and what better way to spend time lounging in the sun catching a tan than delving into a great book. This month has produced a monolith of amazing books so here are some that I think should join your bookshelf.

The Thursday Murder Club - Richard Oseman

If you haven't heard of this book, you have probably been hiding under a rock for a good while. This book has topped the book charts ever since its release last September (Yes it is that good) It is currently shortlisted for the Crime and Thriller book of the year, so it definitely a book to dive your teeth into. It focuses on four friends who meet up every week to discuss unsolved killings (totally your average friend group, right? I mean who doesnt love to discuss murder over brunch?) But when a local turns up, these friends find themselves right in the middle of it. Will these band of friends be able to find the killer before it’s too late. A fun exciting thriller that will have you guessing who did it from the first couple of pages. Perfect for fans of Poirot or Buzzfeed Unsolved.


Malibu Rising - Taylor Jenkins Reid

Dubbed as the “Hot Girl Summer Book”, Malibu Rising has garnered a lot of recent attention. From the bestselling author of Daisy and the Six, Malibu Rising revolves around one unforgettable night in which the Riva family makes the decision of whether or not to divulge their secrets to one another or keep their secrets forever. This night could undo all or not, who knows? Are they willing to take the risk? An exceptionally juicy and psychological story set in glamorous 1980’s California. Perfect for fans of Old school drama and Hollywood Wives.


Ariadne - Jennifer Saint

Everyone knows the story of the Minotaur, but not everyone knows about the princess who helped defeat it. Ariadne, is a character that many have forgotten in place of Theseus, the mighty hero who slayed the Minotaur. However, if it wasn't for her, his tale would never have been told. Ariadne retells the story of the forgotten princess and gives her story a voice. This book divulges her youth, growing up hearing the thundering stomps of the labyrinth below, with its monster demanding blood every year and her want to destroy her family's greatest shame, her brother - the Minotaur.


By: Holly Proctor


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