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An Insight into London Living and the Glorified Dream

Moving to London for me was without doubt the best thing to happen to me at 18 years old. Being ready to leave my hometown and where I grew up made me begin to detest the place as I had been itching to start a new life.

Finally arriving in the nation’s capital made me beyond ecstatic and meant I could finally see what it meant to live alone in a big city. I soon came to find out the novelty wears off quicker than you think.

London, although packed with numerous things to do, eat and drink, if your wallet can not keep up then savers’ meals will become the reality quickly.

This brings us on to the main point, money. Money in this city is what drives people the most. The hunger for money in London can make anyone question how hard you really want to work to attain goals in your life. Maintaining a certain lifestyle in this city is no doubt costly in comparison to other towns even if said lifestyle isn’t luxurious. From nail salon prices to even getting cabs across the city, one will find themselves questioning whether a lash extension infill appointment is really necessary.

Life in London can still be enjoyed on a budget! With the help of the social media app TikTok, many hacks to the city have been unlocked with residents now being able to spot the deals of even the most expensive places.

Bottomless brunch is without a question the must do thing now that we are able to eat inside. Finding the best spots can be confusing but here’s a breakdown of a few good ones:

Turtle Bay £27.50

The drinks here will have you beyond tipsy after a few. With cocktails being overloaded with rum, that brunch dish will do wonders to line your stomach.

Cotton’s £27.50

Similarly, to its Caribbean competitor, the food at Cotton’s is delicious and more, the hearty atmosphere makes the experience so much better. Let’s not forget about the cocktails! Cotton’s keeps the liquor ratio higher than the juice and that’s all I’m telling.

Lotus Bar from £30

This bar is perfect for the Instagram moments. Although priciest out of the three options, Lotus offers more of a lively experience with there being music packages available for you and your party too.

Drinking copious amounts for less is the real secret to London living and doing so on a budget through bottomless brunch is how I’ve managed to still enjoy nights out without worrying about my bank account.


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