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Affordable holiday destinations amidst the cost of living crisis

Life is getting more and more expensive. It’s hard to deny and even harder to deal with, the purse strings are being pulled tighter for a lot of people, but this doesn’t mean we should have to give up some little luxuries, like holidays for example. A holiday doesn’t have to break the bank, sure you won’t be able to afford a 5* holiday but you’ll be surprised that you can still get a nice enjoyable holiday for a decent price if you know where to go.

A good destination to escape to if you are looking for sun but don’t want to splash the cash is a British favourite: Spain. You can’t beat a coastal holiday next to the sea, only a couple hours on the plane and you can be on the Spanish sun working on your tan. With holidays from £200 you can relax in the sun and taking in the Spanish lifestyle and culture for the cost of one night in a top London hotel.

If you’re looking for something further a field, that you can still catch a bronzed tan but won’t be filled with holidaymakers with their families in tow, why not try Turkey. With holidays starting around £116 per person, it’s an absolute steal! If you enjoy seeing the sights and taking in the culture, Turkey is the place to go. Why not have a massage whilst you’re there too, you’ll find them much cheaper than any you’ll find back in the UK. After all you’re on holiday, take advantage of your surroundings and embrace the tranquility.

If you’re not so much a fan of the heat and want to stay closer to home, why not immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Lake District, you can spend your days in quaint English villages, go on long walks, exploring the countryside and have some time to have your trouble drift away. It’s hard not to when surrounded by idyllic green countryside.

Written by: Holly Proctor


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