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Adeola Patronne: Journey To Excellence


Adeola Patronne’s journey to excellence not only reflects her successes but also lessons learnt on becoming the woman she is today. The 25 year old Libra from Kent is rocketing her way into the social media industry . Starting her YouTube channel to create a space to talk about issues women face, beauty advice as well as overall life advice, which garnered such popularity, that she’s branched out to blogging, growing her Instagram account, co-hosting a podcast and her own personal branded store selling clothes and accessories.

Not only is her total 400k+ followers across her social platforms impressive, her work ethic and dedication to producing quality content is a force to be reckoned with too. In her creative space she unapologetically gives opinions on the latest drama on your timeline, sharing advice to fans and showing authenticity throughout.

The BBC “Pressed Podcast”, a platform which she co-hosts alongside Mariam Musa to share raw authenticity and creativity, has surpassed 1 million downloads and has been renewed for a 2nd season, highlighting how valuable real voices are in our current social climate.

There is no end to what Adeola can do, alongside her content creation and podcast, she is also a fashionista working with fashion companies such as Pretty Little Thing.

When discussing excellence, Adeola has that under wraps as she takes on every project she does with her whole self and effortless confidence whilst doing them. She has built her career from the ground up and has made quite a solid name and career for herself.

Watching from the sidelines, we can only expect more excellence from Adeola as she has shown a unique ability to make any project she touches, turn to gold. With her renewed 2nd season of “Pressed” we can expect more hilarity and truth and who knows maybe even a 3rd season is around the corner too.

Our interview with her gave us an insight into living a life of excellence and also the mentality required to maintain a life of excellence.

This is Adeola Patronne.

Words by: Anu Kehinde

PWR: What does excellence mean to you?

AP: Excellence means to me greatness, being yourself, being happy and just being the best version of you.

PWR: If you weren’t a content creator, what would you see yourself doing?

AP: If I wasn’t a content creator, I’d probably be in a desk somewhere doing something like.. what I don’t want to be doing…. I don’t know.

PWR: Do you feel like you are excelling in your field? Can things get in the way of that feeling? (e.g. imposter syndrome or media scrutiny)

AP: Yes, definitely! I feel like I definitely have imposter syndrome, like sometimes when I do things, I feel like I shouldn’t be doing it. I still feel awkward because I still feel like a little girl sometimes but I’m doing big girl stuff. I am trying to push myself outside of my comfort zone to keep getting used to it but it is exciting though. I always get shocked when a brand asks me [to work with them], I always question it. Like why do they want me?

PWR: Who inspires you right now? Or has inspired you in the past to become a content creator?

AP: I don’t think anyone really inspired me to be a content creator, I think I had really inspiring friends and family around me so just having them around me just really inspires me to just do what I wanna do and what makes me happy and how hard they work, so yeah.

PWR: What do you think has contributed to your success as a content creator and social media personality?

AP: My friends have definitely contributed to my success ‘cause we push each other and they definitely bring out my best personality which my audience were able to see…. So yeah, I really love them for that.

PWR: In your opinion, how does someone become excellent? Would you say it is possible to work towards excellence?

AP: I think everyone was born with excellence, it’s literally within everyone like you just need to find the best version of you, what makes you happy and you are just able to work on that and then just become your excellent self.

PWR: What makes you happy and keeps you happy?

AP: Just spending my time watching thriller movies, I just love to chill. Just being in my house and in sweatpants, watching a good movie or Eastenders. Eastenders makes me happy, Hollyoaks too. I enjoy sitting on a couch with my dog, watching TV. Netflix and chilling, basically. Literally a bonnet, no makeup, skincare done…that’s happiness. What’s your favorite TV Show right now? Eastenders. Really? Yeah, is that sad? No, it’s not bad! I don’t personally watch it. But you know Zack Morris, who plays Keegan right? He was a feature in one of our previous issues. OH Keegan!! Oh wow, I do like his character as well!

PWR: Does excellence equate happiness or do you think the two are incompatible?

AP: Completely different. I think happiness just comes from within you. You could be happy just by what happiness means to you. You do not need to have things to make you happy. Happiness is a mentality.

PWR: We are excited for your upcoming live show in May [25th]! What other upcoming projects or merch can we look forward to seeing from you?

AP: I have something coming out really soon, you might see my face somewhere else and I have something else I am working on too but I don’t know when that will be coming out. It’s something that I have been passionate about for a while. So, very mysterious! Yes! Mysterious girl!

PWR: Who or what organisation do you want to collaborate with the most? You already collaborate with so many amazing people, so who else are you looking forward to working with?

AP: I think for me, it would be having a collection with Lounge. I’ve worked with them when I started my influencing and it’s been a while now with them. So, to have a collection with them would be good. I think I’m known for having a very nice body so that would just be sick.

PWR: Out of everything you have achieved, what are you most proud of?

AP: I think just my independence and just how I’ve grown into a woman. Just being able to rely on myself and push myself to just always get what I want. A goal is never too big for me so I am just proud of myself for always going for my goals.

PWR: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self?

AP: Not to worry and trust in yourself a lot more. Don’t feel like you’re not good enough, because you are.

PWR: You recently spoke candidly about levelling up and becoming the woman you want to be. So, what are your future aspirations and how will you level up to achieve them?

AP: I think for me it is just more of a mentality of routine of who I want to be. So going to the gym regularly. Levelling up for me is just levelling up my mentality and making sure to challenge my mind to learn more. Read more, go to the gym more, be more organized and healthier. Talk to my family more, I don’t want to just get caught up in work and worldly stuff. I just want to make sure I am just grounded and closer to God. I think for me that’s levelling up. Like focusing on self-care, right? Yeah exactly! Do you have any book recommendations? A lot of people have been talking about that and your next read. Did I mention, I’ve finished the book? It’s so good! I highly recommend people to read it.

PWR: You’ve been a beacon of advice on socials and it’s so inspiring. What is one message you’d give to your fans?

AP: I would tell them to believe in their goals and to not ever feel threatened by them. Don’t let other people’s doubts to ever make you question your own goals because nothing is unachievable if you put your mind to it. Just work hard for it and pray about it.

Interview by: Wakai Muganiwah


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