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5 Feel Good TV shows worth adding to your watchlist

There’s a lot going on right now, and while reality is what it is, when it comes to TV, we can always choose to have a good time. In line with the theme of this issue, I’ve put together a Press-Playlist of five feel-good shows (all on Netflix) to help remind you all that no matter what, the good times are always just one click away.

Schitt’s Creek

Netflix’s ‘Schitt’s Creek’ is a lighthearted, heartwarming, sitcom style series that follows a wealthy, out of touch family, as they lose their fortune and relocate to the small, dingy town they bought as a joke, Schitt’s Creek.

The show is largely driven by character growth, as you watch this family evolve and get closer across five seasons as a result of their time in this town. While it aired (2015-20), Schitt’s Creek became wildly popular for its loveable characters, funny storylines, and heartwarming themes. With a whole five seasons to binge, Schitt’s Creek Is a prime example of feel good Tv.


After the success of The Office, many were left hungry for a similar workplace comedy, and superstore fills that slot nicely. With a large and diverse group of quirky characters, Superstore is six seasons of lighthearted, easy to watch, feel good TV. As well as the standard workplace shenanigans, Superstore offers some pretty poignant commentary on toxic American corporate culture, but it does so without sacrificing it’s comforting, lighthearted tone. Definitely worth watching, and because there are so many episodes, it has great rewatch value too!

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine is a cop-based workplace comedy that focuses on the detectives of Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. Led by Andy Samberg, Brooklyn Nine Nine is one of the funniest cop shows you can find, with an incredibly unique and comforting brand of humour that makes you feel like they’re real people, which causes you to invest as well as entertains you. This show is so fun and lighthearted, with such talented actors giving life to such eccentric yet loveable characters, that it works perfectly as a pick me up and absolutely belongs on a feel good press playlist. If you’ve seen a few episodes here and there, I can confidently say it’s worth starting with episode one and working your way through all seven seasons.

Kim’s Convenience

Kim’s convenience focuses on the everyday life of the Kim family, a Korean-Canadian family that owns a local convenience store. This show is funny, lighthearted, and easy to watch, but also offers a lot of relatability out there for anyone who’s parents have emigrated to the west from somewhere else. While the overall tone for this is light, there are definitely some deeper moments as the series explores the strained relationship between the father and son, but that tension also allows for some genuinely moving moments in the series. This is also the show that introduced many people to Simu Liu, Marvel’s Shang Chi! While the show was unfortunately cut short after five seasons, the series finale does offer some semblance of closure for a story that was well worth getting invested in.


Community is a personal favourite. The series follows the lives of 7 different people who all end up at Greendale Community College. The characters on this show are top-tier, with multiple laugh out loud moments in every single episode. Community is incredibly unique and offers a variety of stylised, creative episodes that have resulted in the series developing such a cult following over the years. This is also where Donald Glover gained a lot of popularity playing one of the series’ seven leads. The series is so popular that seven years after the final episode, there are currently concrete plans to bring the team back together for a movie, so as well as getting to experience all this top-tier entertainment for the first time, you’ll also get to watch knowing that there’s a movie on the way! Absolutely worth watching if you haven’t seen it already, with lots of rewatch value!

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